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Tess Morgan, Jay

Damn – that pussy is so nappy you will be able to smell it through the screen! Extremely stylish ethnic diva Tess Morgan obviously hasn’t shaved for weeks, and her wet crack is covered in a thick matting of dark pubes. Porn chap Jay is all over that shit, burying his face in her pubic hair and breathing in deeply, enjoying the musky aroma as this stud flickers his tongue along Tess’s twat lips. He slides his massive weiner in to that wet moist fuckhole, slaming in hard and pounding the bitch valuable, making her moan. The feeling of these pubes against his prick makes him cock juice quick, and this chap dumps a massive load all over Tess’s thick pubic hair.

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Latest shaved pussy entry:

Shane Dos Santos, Daniel Hunter

It doesn’t take some tramps long to find their feet as complete and utter starlets. Summer Slate knows that she’s going after every tool that this babe can, and this babe also knows that Daniel Hunter is next on her list. She’s practically dragging him to the bed, bending over and showing off that petite backside. Her shirt gets pulled down almost immediately, with her completely and utterly dripping cooter willing for that dicking. He takes his time in teasing her and making her wait for that wang, spreading out her legs and licking her until he’s ready to slide on in.

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