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Heidi Hanson, Jay

Nice-looking hottie, Heidi is a platinum blond scorcher looking sexy as fuck in an oriental kimono-type deal. As soon as this hottie drops that costume, we get an eyeful of her sharp red lingerie and the tuft of hair underneath! She masturbates hard and fast, getting her own juices all matted in her pubes, then spreads these luscious legs and takes a hard fucking!

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Latest shaved pussy entry:

Mallory Rae Murphy, Mike Deez

Gorgeous blond coed diva Mallory Rae Murphy might be fucking pretty, but this woman is also fucking silly! Crafty guy Mike Deez makes her fall for the oldest trick in the book – that same old fame and fortune, I’m-going-to-make-you-a-chick line! Mallory soon finds herself bent over the edge of the sofa with her panties down around her ankles while Mike fingers her cooche doggy style, caressing her booty and whispering innocent nothings in her ear about how he is going to make her a star. The only stars that Mallory is going to see are from the head rush that this huge huge meatstick fucking is going to give her! Her fuckhole is going to be sore tomorrow!

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