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Elisa, Jay Huntington

Elisa is already having fun stimulating her clitoris, and its a wonder she can even discover the fellow in the canoe in all that jungle bush! This woman brushes her long, furry pubes to the side and curls a finger up inside of her like a hook. After finger-pumping herself, this chick takes Chance’s large meatstick in her mouth and gets him so excited, this guy smashes out her curly poon and splooges on her face!

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Tatiana Brown, Ricky Premium

Tatiana Brown is an 18 year old half-German, half-black mocha princess that needs a nice banging. She’s a serious floozy with a hard core side who likes smokin’ ding-dong to take the edge off. Blessed with almost no gag reflex, this Virginian can it down all the way down to funky country. Watch her shaggy cooter get tapped so hard this hottie bites her bottom lip in enjoyment. All good things must come to and end, and so does this wet crack meet its creampie conclusion.

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