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Bikini Clad Babe Gets Done In The Sun

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Krista Kimberlyn has the body of a Goddess. Allan Everard knows how to please and he wastes no time proving it. Licking her wet pussy sends her into a frenzy of pleasure. Sucking her clit has the same effect. Not to be out done she starts licking and swallowing his rod. Stroking and licking has him trembling in the chair. Out of the chair now he rams it into from behind. In and out he pounds her cunt hard. Deep into her box he rams it home. More moans of pleasure form both of them as she pushes back against his manhood fill the air. She climaxes and he is not far behind. She spins around and he comes all over her tits.

Brown Haired Vixen Shows How its done

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Charissa Karaugh has the looks and the talent to blow your mind. She gets right done on Steve Drake’s rod and pumps up his blood pressure. Sucking the tip pleases him to now end. Her turn now and he gets right to work squeezing her tits icking her rock hard nipples. She even helps him do it. Legs spread he tenderly licks her moist snatch and it sends pleasure waves up her spine. Giving her clit a workout she moans in pleasure. Time to pump her pussy with his manhood. From behind deeper and deeper he goes. Moans of pleasure fill the air as he blows his load. Just to be sure she sucks out the last drop.

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